Well the weight of water is heavy
When I see it in your eyes
Clouds can hold a lot of rain
Don’t you realize
The sky wasn’t made for fallin
Or to make us feel so small
And the ground, it wasn’t put there
To break our fall

So don’t cry Helena
Don’t you shed those tears
Let me dry your eyes
And chase away your fears
We gotta bend a little
When we feel like breaking
Give a little when we feel like taking
(Don’t cry)

The moon’s a lonely maiden
Took a lover long ago
Crept into the forest
Left her footprints in the snow
For her love to follow
But a jealous sun would not allow
Smiled down upon the footpath
And she waits there even now

Repeat Chorus 2 times 

Tonight we’ll fly a black kite
Burn our candles in the rain
Lose ourselves in the moonlight
But we’ll be free again
Helena... Helena... Helena... Helena...

(Give just a little bit) - Just a little – oh Helena
(bend just a little bit) - Gotta bend just a little