Nothing Left To Lose

Well I’m the kinda guy who likes to try
New ways to have my fun
But when it’s time to go I walk real slow
Cause there ain’t no need to run
If you think I’m a city boy
Then girl I’m afraid you’re wrong
Here’s a little advice that
You can take along

Take your fast way of walkin
And walk right out the door
You can save that jive talkin
Cause I ain’t listening anymore
Well I spent all my money
On all your fancy shoes
I gave you all I had to give
You gave me nothing left to loose

Well neon lights and endless nights
They’re all the same to me
I think I’ve had it up to here
With your kind of company
I need to find a little open air
And girl I might be wrong
But I think it’s time you best be movin on

Well I like that cool breeze blowin accorss the water
Out here the sky is a wide as you can see
Where that big ol’ moon ain’t just some other street light
And if someone’s got a problem
You just let em’ be