Cold Hearted Women

Just when you think you have no more feelings
Is when you begin to care
Just when you feel your heart is healing
You face something no heart could bear
Now all your mistakes don’t come easy
So you run to the nearest remedy
But this one deceives you
And then she leaves you
Standing there wondering why
Cold Hearted Women Don’t Cry

Just when it seems Life ain’t worth living
Somebody makes your day
And when you feel the love that is given
It takes your pain away
Who could have thought this might happen
That somebody would just come and walk on in
Do I hesitate?
Will this one wait? 
Am I the reason why?
Cold Hearted Women Don’t Cry

I know how it feels when it ends
But I’m starting all over again
This one is real
She knows how I feel
And shows me the reason why
Cold Hearted Women Don’t Cry
Cold Hearted Women Don’t Cry
Never, never, never, never, never