I Wish My Heart Could Speak

I get all choked up and twisted
When that woman looks at me
And my eyes get all funny
And there are things I do not see
You’d feel the same way
If she looked at you
Well I’ve been in love before
But this is something new

I got sweat on the palms of my hands
And I get light headed
And my legs can barely stand
If she came walking my way
I might not remember
Cause I’d be hotter than July
In the middle of December

I’d like to hold her in my arms
Cause she’s the only one for me
There’s pretty women everywhere
But she’s the only one I see
I’d tell her that I love her
But my mouth is a little weak
Oh baby how I wish
My heart could speak

Went to the Doctor cause the color
Just ran out of my face
I thought I might have had a cold
But he could not find a trace
He sat me down
told me to open wide
Well I could tell him how I feel
If I could get my tongue untied

There must be something wrong
With these knees
Cause they won’t stop knocking
Somebody help me please
I got a nervous little twitch
Above my eye
And I fell down on the ground
But I was aiming for the sky

Repeat chorus